As one of the UK’s leading property buying companies SellMyHouse.Online is keen to set the standard for the industry. We’ve therefore developed a statement that reflects our promise to be honest, transparent and efficient in both our customer service and buying process.

At SellMyHouse.Online, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We have a well-trained, friendly and well-mannered team in place to guarantee that our customers know exactly what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. We offer a completely tailored, no-obligation valuation for your property that, once completed, will be posted to you as a part of a valuation report that includes our offer and accurate open market value for your property.

Our friendly helpful team work hard to guarantee that the process is fast, easy and flexible. Once a valuation request has been made, we ensure that in-depth research is conducted on each individual property before making a formal offer, which can be provided in as little as three working days.

Once accepted, we leave the settlement completion date entirely up to our clients, so you can choose a moving date that is suitable for you. We consider all aspects affecting your property’s value so that all of its advantages and plus points are considered honestly and fairly, which helps foster a reasonable and realistic offer that both you and us can mutually be happy with.

All information you provide to SellMyHouse.Online is handled with complete confidentiality and in accordance with data protection legislation. We will keep all details of your property, your personal situations and any other information you wish to share with us within our company. We will never pass any of your details on to any other company without your explicit authorisation. No third parties will ever contact you as a result of your contact with us.