Sell My is a cash buyer of Probate Property.

Selling a property following the death of a loved one is an extra burden at an already difficult time – but we can help with a guaranteed quick sale, releasing the cash in just a matter of weeks, or in a timescale that works for you.

As a beneficiary, sorting through a property owner’s estate can be a long and complicated process. Not to mention the problems that can arise while the property is empty, ranging from vandalism and security to maintenance issues. All of these problems mean extra cost to you, but by choosing to sell the property to us, you would reduce the risk and hassle, and receive cash in the bank quickly.

    Get Quick Cash Offer

    Instant cash offers for any property

    • We make instant cash offers on any type of property throughout England and Wales, regardless of the size, value or condition. Simply speak to our friendly property experts for a cash offer – which you can accept or not, or take your time to think about and let us know when you’re ready. The last thing we’d ever do is put any unnecessary pressure on you and your family.

    Professional house buyers

    • At Open Property Group we have property and valuation experience throughout England and Wales, and we value thousands of properties each year.
    • We are experts in purchasing property with or without problems.
    • Each year millions of people die, and as a result you might inherit a property that you have little knowledge about, and that property can be a long distance from your home too.
    • Our house buying service is designed to relieve you from stress associated with managing another property, and release your inheritance quickly.

    No fees, expenses or charges

    • With us, you won’t have any estate agent or auction fees as we buy directly from the beneficiaries. Then once the sale is complete, we’ll also settle any legal expenses – leaving you nothing to pay and no fees or charges whatsoever.

    Sell your property in 14 days

    • Tell us how quickly you’d like to take things and we’ll build the sale’s timetable around you.
    • On average the whole process takes around 14 days, but if that’s a bit too quick, just let us know and we’ll work at your own pace.

    One less thing to worry about

    • We’ll even clear the property for you, reducing your stress, hassle and expense at what is always an emotional time for everyone involved.