Sell My House Online is a cash buyer of sitting tenanted property

We are keen to build our portfolio of let property throughout England and Wales, and finding new opportunities is vital to our business model. If you are a Landlord, you do not need to inform or alert your tenants, and we assure you of complete discretion. You can sell your property without alerting your tenants, and internal inspections are NOT required to enable us to formulate an offer for you.

    Get Quick Cash Offer

    Cash paid for your rental property

    • Sell My House Online will purchase your property with sitting tenants.
    • We buy property with all types of tenants including: AST (Assured shorthold tenancies) protected tenants, life agreements, Assured tenants and verbal or informal arrangements.

    We are genuine investors of property with tenants in occupation

    • We have substantial cash funds available for purchasing vacant and rented property, and by selling to us, will enable you to release the cash locked up in your property, without the stress of dealing with tenants and trying to get vacant possession.

    Sell a buy to let property and free up your capital

    • We will make you an immediate cash offer for your Buy to let property.
    • We will take over the tenancy and liaise with tenants discretely.
    • We can make a cash offer for your tenanted property so that you do not experience any void while waiting for the property to sell.
    • Your tenants can remain in occupation in most cases, and we will simply take over the tenancy.

    How could selling your property with tenants help you?

    • We have years of experience in handling tenants, and problems which can arise.
    • If you are considering selling your house or flat with sitting tenants, you may have an idea of how you plan to spend your capital.
    • We have helped hundreds of home owners release the cash tied up in their property.
    • You can release the capital tied up in your property fast and easy.


      Some of the most popular reasons for selling to us include:

      • Time and hassle saving by selling to a cash buyer as opposed to through agents.
      • Guarantee of a cash sale.
      • Paying off the mortgage.
      • Giving money to the family.
      • Moving abroad or relocation.
      • Taking more holidays and enjoying retirement with more capital.
      • Fed up with the cost of repair, management and insurance, before any income can be paid to the landlord.
      • Common problems with informing your tenants that you may sell If the sitting tenant learns that the property is to be sold, they may hand in their notice, causing a void period for the landlord to pay the mortgage while awaiting the sale of a property.
      • An empty property now also incurs a council tax liability and can also attract crime and asset theft.
      • The tenant may also refuse to allow viewings of the property.
      • A tenant in occupation limits the number of people a property can be sold to because most buyers will be using mortgage finance, and most lenders require vacant possession before allowing mortgage funds to be drawn down.
      • A tenant does not have a vested interest in selling the property, and may not cooperate by making sure the property is clean and tidy for viewings.

      By selling your property to us, means that you do not have to experience any of the following costs:

      • Estate agents fees of approximately 2% plus VAT.
      • Costs involved in serving notices and possibly court fees.
      • Loss of interest on the capital that you could be investing elsewhere while you are not getting any rent.
      • Potential void periods and mortgage payments where applicable.
      • Council Tax on the empty property.
      • Increased insurance costs for an empty property.
      • Dilapidations caused during the tenancy that would need to be put right through deposit deductions.
      • The remedial works would also need to be undertaken before marketing the property for sale, thereby delaying the start of the marketing.
      • Utility bills which are due as a standing charge whilst the property is vacant.
      • We have years of experience in buying property from Landlords who wish to sell property with sitting tenants.

      Please call us on 020 3983 3344 to discuss any other questions that you have. We are more than happy to meet with you and talk you through the property sale process from start to finish.